Friday catchup

Lovely fall weather was interrupted by a stormy Thursday, but conditions improved dramatically again at the end of the week. River traffic seemed light, and a couple of tugs anchored in the River Thursday after a period of empty anchorages. Cruise terminal activity was sporadic, and the dredgers appear to have moved on, with the Delaware Bay tied up at a dock in Newark now.

Norwegian Joy was at Pier 88 on Wednesday, and received bunkering service from Centerline’s Lightning
The Viking Octantis got similar assistance from the Vanes Brothers’ Cape Fear on Thursday before heading for Puerto Rico
The tugboat Pegasus has been on the River making runs up to the sugar plant in Yonkers for unknown reasons
The Chandra B, a small bunkering tanker, services the Circle Line boats
Reinauer’s Josephine spent Thursday and Friday at anchor off 86th Street
Pocamoke was anchored closer to the bridge after a return from Philadelphia Thursday evening, but then headed for the Upper Bay Friday afternoon
FDNY’s Three Forty Three boat had business on the Upper West Side Wednesday afternoon
The bitumen tanker Asphalt Sailor was likely carrying asphalt enroute to Albany from Curaçao
Sarah Dann, released from dredging duty, brought a scow down from the Sims Metal dock in Albany to Sims Bayonne. Sarah seems to be working for DonJon Marine, which makes Sims runs and ran the dredging operations.
Another DonJon boat brought empty hoppers north
DonJon also services the DSNY Pier 99 waste paper transfer station, with Thomas D Witte positioning a scow there Friday
Buchanan12 remained busy as usual, passing Josephine Friday evening

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