Glorious weekend

Glorious fall conditions prevailed through the weekend with temperatures in the 60s and light winds. The leaf color line has finally moved down to New York City, with trees along the river looking fiery. River traffic was light, though there were many recreational boats heading north to see the colors.

A Dann Marine tug towed a light dry bulk barge back to Florida after unloading sugar at the Yonkers Domino refinery.
A loaded Curtis-Poling barge headed north with a cargo, passing autumn colors on the Weehawken shoreline.
Colleagues brought a light barge south
Don Jon Marine muscled a loaded paper recycling scow out of the shed on Pier 99
The DEP’s Hunts Point was trailed by a flock of seagulls as her screws brought up the menhaden
Fall colors were increasingly evident in the woods surrounding the Englewood Cliffs monestary
A Marine attack helicopter flew up the Hudson

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