NATO in New York

October continues to provide stunning clear cool days as autumnal colors push south. A trio of NATO frigates arrived in New York Thursday, two Dutch and one Danish, and took up residence on the south side of Pier 88 following participation in NATO exercises. Commercial traffic has remained rather light.

Dutch frigate arriving at Pier 88 Thursday morning
The trio of NATO frigates tied up on the south side of the passenger terminal
A massive Navy E-6B Mercury, a command and control plane that communicates with ballistic missile submarines, made a run up the Hudson Thursday afternoon as part of a big loop over the northeast
US Coast Guard small harbor tug Wire was heading north up the river Thursday
Dace Reinauer headed south on Wednesday with an empty barge
Janice Ann Reinauer…
…and Haggerty Girls were both anchored off 125th Street Wednesday afternoon. Janice Ann headed to Bayway for new cargo Thursday, but the Girls remained at anchor.
Asphalt Sailor headed for sea Tuesday after delivering a cargo of asphalt from Curaçao to Albany, passing Buchanan12 on two whistles.
A fisherman caught a 27” stripped bass north of the North River plant Wednesday.

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