Crisp and cool

Autumn colors and crisp conditions have continued into the weekend, though some rain is expected Sunday. Loaded tankers were heading north, probably mainly carrying heating oil, empty tankers, stone hoppers, and loaded cement barges came south, and leaf tours were also heading north.

The largest of the Hudson tour boats, the American Constitution, has finished its last Hudson cruise of the season and was heading for Baltimore to cruise the Chesapeake into November
The Adirondack tacked into a southerly wind on Friday, heading back to its Chelsea Piers base
NY Waterway had a full house for its Saturday leaf tour run up to Haverstraw Bay
Vane Brothers Charleston had a cargo heading for the Buckeye terminal north of Newburgh
Janice Ann Reinauer also was heading for Newburgh, but to the Global Terminal there
Kimberly Poling was coming the other way with a light barge
Sapphire Coast headed north light Friday
And came back the other way with a loaded cement barge Saturday, heading for Lafarge’s Bayonne terminal
Buchanan12 had heavily loaded hoppers on its daily dolomite run Friday
A pair of Blackhawks from Lakehurst airbase in New Jersey made a loop up the River
A Coast Guard Dolphin chopper patrolled on Friday
Disney Magic continues to work the Bermuda route, and refueled with an unattended barge on Friday at Pier 90
The Ocean Insignia was next door at Pier 88, refueling with help from Cape Fear ahead of a cruise to New England and Montreal

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