Send in the clouds

The string of perfect fall days came to an end on Sunday, with periodic rain and fog rolling in and lingering through Monday. The Dutch and Danish NATO frigates that had been sitting at Pier 88 headed back to sea Monday morning, perhaps to rejoin the brand new U.S. carrier Gerald Ford off Virginia Beach for more drills, or maybe to head back to Europe. In any case, the cruise terminal was empty Monday for the first time in some days. Tanker and cement barge traffic remained heavy, and a bulker arrived with a shipment of Brazilian sugar heading for Yonkers.

HNMLS de Zeven Provincien was also on the way out
Dean Reinauer killed some time Sunday, stemming the flood with a loaded barge off 72nd Street before heading north for Newburgh
The Haggerty Girls and Janice Ann Reinauer anchored in the Monday fog south of the (invisible) bridge after returning from Albany. Janice Ann was on the move again soon to IMTT Bayonne for more cargo, but Haggerty Girls stayed put into the evening.
Janice Ann heading for Bayonne
A Haugland Group tug Miss Madeline brought a stone cargo down from the company’s Tomkins Cove port on Sunday
Dann Marine’s Discovery Coast brought a light tanker barge back from Poughkeepsie Sunday
Kirby’s Skip Jack was on a similar run from Albany
Centerline had a bunkering barge leaving the cruise terminal Sunday
American Petroleum’s Stephen B cut the Monday fog with a light barge coming back from Rensselaer heading for a Tottenville boat yard
Coral Coast headed back to the Lafarge Ravenna plant with a light cement barge after visiting Lafarge’s Flushing and Brooklyn docks
A crane was in position to assist repairs at the Hudson River Park’s kayak and canoe dock at the Pier 96 Boathouse

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