Burning off

The thick layer of haze that sat over New York from Sunday through Tuesday was finally burning off Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures were unseasonably warm, but with the sun setting before 6pm now for the rest of the winter, opportunities for photography are somewhat reduced. Tanker traffic remains heavy on the River, and the DonJon dredgers were back, this time working by the DSNY Pier 99 facility. Meanwhile, the crane that had been working at Pier 96 appears to have finished its business and made an early Wednesday departure. The Disney Magic was back at Pier 90, and Holland-American’s Rotterdam, its first time here in a while. Usually the H-A boats dock in Brooklyn, but Rotterdam was on a transit cruise, arriving in NYC from Europe on its way to take up its winter duties in the Caribbean.

The dredgers working in the fog Tuesday morning at Pier 99
And maneuvering nearby as the fog lifted Wednesday
Rotterdam arriving with sunrise Wednesday, pulling in south of Disney Magic
Centerline tugs follow with a bunkering barge
Which leaves lighter later in the morning
Two Miller tugs removed the crane from Pier 96 just at sunrise Wednesday
Dean Reinauer headed north with a loaded barge
And Kristy Ann came south with an empty
Pinuccia also had a loaded barge going north
Buchanan12 was heading back for more crushed dolomite

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