Out of town visitors

Friday brought clear skies but also a sharp drop in temperatures back down to more typical late October levels. The tugboat Copper Mountain anchored in the North River with an empty barge. This tug lists St. Louis as its hailing port, and it arrived here from the Gulf of Mexico this week. Another out of town tug, the Genesis Vigilant, passed up the North River heading upstate. Vigilant lists Houston as its home port and it was operating there as recently as early October. These visits may be related to oil product shortages in the northeast bringing cargos here from Gulf Coast refineries.

Copper Mountain, an out-of-town visitor, at anchor off 96th Street

Another unfamiliar boat on the River Friday was the large and unusual looking yacht Asteria which made a loop up to the Bridge before docking at North Cove Marina downtown. Asteria was built as a salvage tug in 1970 and converted to an “expedition yacht” about 20 years ago. The vessel is capable of navigating in the Arctic and Antarctic, and was in Greenland as recently as August. The helicopter deck was crowded with shrink wrapped jet skis which are perhaps being dropped off somewhere for winter storage.

The expedition yacht Asteria on the River Friday
Meanwhile, more familiar boats from DonJon’s dredging crew were at work Friday morning, adding back depth between Piers 98 and 99

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