Closing out a warm October

Halloween and All Saints Day have come and gone, and still temperatures continue to peak in the 60s. River traffic has been fairly typical, though we continue to watch for signs that the extreme levels of disruption in the northeast diesel markets is affecting tanker patterns. The cruise terminal continues to see departures of final sails of the season, with the Disney Magic heading south for the winter Monday. The ATB Beatrice anchored off 72nd Street departed, picked up a new cargo in Port Reading NJ, and headed for New Haven. The Saint Emilion remained at anchor for a third day though, seemingly having exchanged her recent boat yard perch for a new parking spot afloat.

One somewhat unusual move observed was the ATB Jeffrey S, formerly known as the Ellen S. Bouchard, heading upriver to the Albany Buckeye Terminal with what looked like a light barge and coming directly from Bridgeport. Light barges do not normally move upriver, though it is possible that the barge remained partially loaded after making a delivery in Bridgeport and will more fully unload in Albany. Another possibility is that the barge will load a cargo in Albany, perhaps ethanol or a refined oil product arriving by rail from somewhere else. Unusual traffic should be expected given the severe strains in the diesel market but, again, this could just reflect normal random variability rather than the current unusual market circumstances.

Jeffrey S., the former Ellen S. Bouchard, en route from Bridgeport to Albany with what looked like a light or partially loaded barge
Disney Magic headed out on a its last run of the season from NYC on Monday, now heading for Bermuda and Puerto Rico, and then on to her winter cruising base in Galveston. The Moran tug which helped her leave is on her port, as is a J24 sailboat staying out of the way.
A Vane Brothers bunkering barge left after refueling Magic, with its port fenders still in place and the crane it uses to feed the fuel line still elevated.
After a couple of days off, the DonJon dredging crew was back at work Tuesday morning south of Pier 99.
The small pusher tug Durham was running light up to Peekskill Tuesday morning.
Dann Marine’s Treasure Coast had a light cement barge on the hip heading back to Lafarge’s Ravenna plant from the company’s cement depot in Flushing

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