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The glorious days continue, with early Friday fog lifting by midday and giving way to conditions that felt more like spring than autumn. The anchorages have been busy, with Patrice McCalister and a Poling-Cutler tug at rest Thursday with empty barges on the hip, and Saint Emilion and Evelyn Cutler in residence on Friday. Saint Emilion returned to the North River after visiting the Caddell boatyard earlier in the week and does not seemed to have resumed work after getting back in the water from its period on the blocks.

Probably the Kimberly Poling at anchor Thursday morning
Patrice McAllister was further north before heading for Philly
Saint Emilion at anchor off Edgewater Friday
Kristy Ann was heading north with a cargo Thursday
Norwegian Sun was at Pier 88 Thursday, stopping in New York en route to Lisbon from Miami
CMT’s Daisy Mae was heading north with a load of sand, passing Weehawken
Dredging continues south of Pier 99
Copper Mountain, which brought a cargo up from the Gulf last week, appears to be doing local work now, coming down from Albany with a light barge

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