In transit

Helping to transit a J80 sailboat from Inwood to winter quarters in Verplanck provided a great opportunity to observe the Hudson north of the section known as the North River. We covered the 25 nautical miles in about 5.5 hours thanks to favorable southerly winds and a flood tide. Commercial traffic was light along the way, but the fall colors were glorious.

Thomas Dann was tied up at the Yonkers sugar refinery with the Somerset barge after bringing raw sugar up from Florida
The Hudson River Pilots are based in Yonkers and guide ships from here up to Hyde Park New York where a North Hudson pilot takes over for the rest of the trip up to Albany. South of here, the Sandy Hook pilots are in charge.
Privately-owned liftboat Legs III at its home base near the Yonkers Corinthian Yacht Club
Navigator passed under the Mario Cuomo Bridge coming from Buckeye Rensselaer en route directly to New Haven so presumably with a partially loaded barge.
Mary Turecamo was running light up to Kingston on unknown business
Retired FDNY fireboat McKean remains anchored in Haverstraw, so which retired fireboat did we see at Pier 25 last week?
A Circle Line boat heading for Bear Mountain, passing a J80 sailboat
A J80 running with a spinnaker past Hook Mountain
The mighty Palisades
Amtrak Empire Service heading north
CSX auto racks approaching Haverstraw en route to the North Jersey yards

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