Monday verged on outright summer, but by Tuesday the northeast was easing back into autumn, and a tropical storm is predicted to arrive this weekend. Saint Emilion left its North River anchorage, headed for the Arthur Kill and was in the Upper Bay by evening. Kimberly Poling was at anchor Tuesday morning, and was joined during the day by the Adeline Marie. DonJon’s low-slung canal capable tug J. Arnold Witte joined the dredging team at Pier 99, with canal season now ended for the winter.

J. Arnold Witte stemming the flood off Pier i Tuesday morning with a deck barge
The rest of the dredging team off Pier i Tuesday morning
Thomas Dann left its sugar barge at Yonkers and ran errands in the harbor before heading back up there Monday.
Mary Turecamo was also running light heading north to Albany Monday, less than 24 hours after her Sunday trip up as far as Kingston
Kristin Poling at anchor off the Upper West Side Tuesday after returning from a delivery in Providence
The cruise ship Insignia was tied up at Pier 88 Tuesday, in transit from Montreal to Miami where she will operate in December
A Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter made a low run up the river Tuesday
J24 sailboats were enjoying pleasant conditions Tuesday
A double-crested cormorant was too cool to acknowledge the Canada geese on Pier 96 Tuesday

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