Parade of Ships

The Coast Guard will be the “featured service” at Friday’s New York City Veterans Day. In recognition of this, USCG organized a small parade of ships, entering the Harbor this morning and proceeding up to the passenger ship terminal. The flagship was the Cape May-based 154’ fast response cutter Lawrence Lawson, which docked at the end of Pier 86, the Intrepid Museum pier. The Navy also participated though, with the much larger Amphibious Transport Dock USS Arlington docking on the south side of Pier 88. Local icebreaking tug Penobscot Bay rounded out the parade, and the FDNY’s Three Forty Three boat also joined in. The Coast Guard will host a search-and-rescue demonstration with a Jayhawk helicopter at Pier 86 Thursday.

USS Arlington pulls in to Pier 88, with DonJon’s Sarah Ann photo-bombing.
Penobscot Bay and the FDNY Three Forty Three boat watch her dock
Cutter Lawrence Lawson tied up on the end of Pier 86
Coast Guards adjust the fenders between the cutter and the dock
USS Arlington at the south side of Pier 86
The Navy keeps a machine gun mounted and manned on the stern of the Arlington while in port
Marines checked their phones on the Arlington
Sailors and Marines on the helicopter deck
NYPD kept an eye on the ships and the cruise ship on the other side of Pier 88

Meanwhile, commercial life on the River went on as usual. The morning began with three tanker barges anchored with tugs in the river. But Adeline Marie and Kristin Poling left before the Navy arrived, leaving only Lincoln Sea with her very large barge anchored south of the bridge. Kimberly Poling came through with a cargo headed for Albany.

Kimberly Poling heading for Albany
Adeline Marie made smoke as she got underway against the flood tide
Kristin Poling headed for the Bayway terminal for a new cargo
Lincoln Sea at anchor off 96th Street, getting passed by the Army Corps Hayward
The dredging team at Pier 99 finished up work with some debris cleanup
Douglas J arrived to collect the Delaware Bay dredger
And seemed to be heading back to Newark headquarters
Everly Mist, formerly known as Evening Mist, headed for the Haugland Group’s Tomkins Cove port in Haverstraw Bay

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