Search and Rescue

The Coast Guard demonstrated the service’s search and rescue capabilities on Pier 86 Thursday, ahead of Friday’s Veterans Day parade at which the Coast Guard will be the “featured service.” The Coast Guard brought in a Jayhawk MH60 helicopter, the Coast Guard version of the Blackhawk, and dropped a rescue swimmer in the water who was then winched up.

A rescue swimmer is retrieved from the River
The Jayhawk hovers, with a 35’ NYPD launch in the foreground, and the DEP’s North River tanker and a ferry passing
Icebreaking tug Sturgeon Bay was tied up out of sight at Pier 88 during the demo

Meanwhile, observed commercial traffic was dominated by Reinauer ATBs. The Josephine came through early with a cargo for Albany. Kristy Ann was coming the other direction with a light barge while Nicole Reinauer returned from Boston light as well, briefly anchored in the River and then headed for the Reinauer dock on the North Shore of Staten Island. Meanwhile, Kirby’s Lincoln Sea with its plus-sized barge remained anchored off 96th Street.

Josephine Reinauer heading for Albany with a cargo Thursday morning
Kristy Ann Reinauer heading the other way light
Nicole Leigh returning from making a delivery in Boston
Kirby’s Lincoln Sea anchored south of the bridge
Boats from the Billion Oyster Project had students from the Harbor School at Pier 85. Students later visited the Coast Guard cutter at Pier 86

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