Get out of the rain

The remnants of Hurricane Nicole arrived in New York Friday with a steady drenching rain, but not much wind. There was a modest shift to the sheltered waters of the North River, with Dean Reinauer and Timothy Reinauer coming up from the Lower Bay and anchoring off the Upper West Side, and Genesis Victory returning from a delivery at the United Riverhead terminal and heading up to the Yonkers anchorages, joining Jordan Rose there.

Buchanan12 headed north with empty hoppers returning to Tilcon Clinton Point before the weather arrived
Stephen Reinauer heading for a calmer anchorage Friday morning
Dean Reinauer at anchor off 79th Street
Genesis Victory returning from Riverhead and heading for Yonkers anchorage
Kristy Ann Reinauer was heading for Albany with a cargo
With dredging complete, DonJon tugs were servicing the DSNY Pier 99 paper recycling facility again
A Coast Guard Jayhawk, perhaps the same one that did the rescue demo Thursday, flew down from Cape Cod, circled over Pier 86 and the Statue

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