Variable weekend

Friday’s tropical storm cleared out Saturday but left behind balmy conditions. Twenty-four hours later, the mercury was dropping and winds were increasing as more rain came through. Oil product tanker barges remain on the move, transporting heating oil, gasoline, and diesel upstate and coming back empty, though Reinauer ATBs that anchored during Friday’s storm remained parked in the River until Sunday.

Dean Reinauer was anchored off 79th Street Sunday morning
And remained into the evening
Stephen Reinauer was anchored further north Saturday, near the bridge, with downtown Yonkers visible in the background.
Before heading for new cargo in Bayonne Sunday
Passing the Kimberly Turecamo on one whistle. Kimberly was stemming the tide in the River before heading round the Battery to the Raveswood power plant in Queens, likely delivering a cargo of oil as backup fuel for this gas fired power plant.
The Beatrice had a loaded barge heading for Albany, coming up from the Delaware River as distillate supply remains tight in New York Harbor
The DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River treatment plant
And DonJon Marine was servicing the DSNY Pier 99 paper transfer station
A Poling-Cutler tug pushed a light barge passed the anchored Dean Reinauer
Mister Jim pushed hoppers down from Coeymans
Seastreak continues to run fast ferry runs up to West Point and Cold Spring in November even as fall colors fade

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