Cold at last

Temperatures finally fell into the 30s Monday morning, a shocking return to reality to many who were getting used to summery conditions sticking around. Tanker barges continue to move back in forth on the river, while the Patrice McAllister and Centerline’s William J. Fallon were laid up at North River anchorages. With the Veterans Day weekend behind us, the Coast Guard cutter Lawrence Lawson left Pier 86 and returned to Cape May while the USS Arlington was heading for her own home port of Norfolk.

USCGC Lawrence Lawson heading for home
The William F Fallon and the Patrice McAlister at anchor in the North River Monday morning.
Jordan Rose left the Yonkers anchorage with her barge and headed for the Bay Ride anchorage
Kimberly Poling brought a light barge down from Albany and headed down the Arthur Kill to Raritan Bay.
Buchanan12 heading north, being overtaken by a police boat
A closer look at the police boat, shows it is marked as Marin Sheriff! It looks a lot like the boat on the Marin, California Sheriff’s web site. But there is also some news about the county having acquired new boats. This one likely sold to a new owner and not yet repainted.
DonJon’s low slung J Arnold Witte continues to do work with a barge around Pier 99, perhaps supporting divers
This interesting yacht named Savage looks like it has ability to sail. It was heading from Haverstraw to North Shore Marina in Port Washington

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