First Freeze

Temperatures fell below freezing early Saturday, the first freeze in New York City this year, but clear skies allowed us to get back to 40 by the afternoon, and the River remains a source of warmth for the time being as well. The North River anchorages remain in demand, with Kimberly Poling remaining off 72nd Street since Friday afternoon, and Timothy, Gracie, and Kristy Ann Reinauer all lined up off Edgewater, plus several more tug/tanker barge combinations sitting off Yonkers.

Another harbinger of winter was the arrival of a tanker barge at Pier 98, the fuel dock for Con Ed’s 59th Street Steam Plant. The plant mainly burns natural gas brought in by pipe, but number 4 fuel oil is used as a backup during periods of tight natural gas supply and during preparations for the winter season. Fuel is brought to the plant by barge and stored on the barge during the winter (see my June article in the West Sid Rag, or a more recent article in the Villager not by me for more). The barge itself, GCS230, belongs to Gellaty and Criscione Services and, according to an article by Andrew Gustafson published by Waterfront Alliance a few years ago, it is the last remaining operating vessel afloat built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Kimberly Poling at anchor at the morning slack tide
And later being passed by Poling-Cutler colleagues on Evelyn Cutler pushing a cargo north towards Albany
Reinauer ATBs at anchor off Edgewater Saturday at sundown
The GCS230 barge tied up at Con Ed’s Pier 98 Saturday
Buchanan12 with a load of Clinton Point crushed dolomite heading south Saturday morning
And heading back north at sundown after exchanging for empties at the Greenville anchorage off Jersey City
Norwegian Joy headed out on her penultimate Bermuda run of the season. After one more roundtrip next week she will transit to the West Coast for winter.
The North River DEP tanker was servicing the North River plant Saturday, ferrying treated sludge to Wards Island for dewatering. North River is the oldest tanker in the fleet, built in 1974 at a time when treated sludge was brought far off-shore and dumped and she is designed for heavier seas than the newer tankers designed for work in the harbor only.
A Jersey City non-profit was advertising in the air
The sun disappeared behind Weehawken at 4:25pm

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  1. Great pics, Daniel. Thank you for doing this!

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  2. […] all winter, but is refueled from other barges brought alongside, as appeared to occur Thursday (see blog post First Freeze for more on this). Centerline’s Lightning delivered the barge at sunrise, and another Centerline tug, Andrea, picked […]


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