Small Craft Advisory

Clear and cold again Sunday, with temperatures just above freezing and stiff winds gusting over 20 knots out of the west. A small craft advisory was in effect for New York Harbor. Wind was visible on the River but conditions did not look choppy, at least not from shore. Chop seems to be worse on the River when winds are from the southwest or northeast and run counter to the tide. Commercial traffic was fairly typical and most of the ATBs at anchor Sunday had gone back to work with the exception of Gracie Reinauer who remained off Edgewater.

Timothy Reinauer left their North River anchorage Sunday and headed for Phillips 66 at Tremley Point on the Arthur Kill for a new cargo
Evelyn Cutler returned from a delivery at the Buckeye Terminal near Newburgh and headed for Raritan Bay
Quenames was also coming back from Newburgh, but from the Global terminal south of the city
Beatrice headed for Albany with a cargo from Bayway at sundown
Followed by Kimberly Poling, also pushing north with a cargo a little too late for proper photography
Sarah D brought hoppers south, heading for the Lafarge dock in Sunset Park
Buchanan12 moved some more crushed dolomite, satisfying unending demand with seemingly unending supply
The DEP’s Red Hook was back on North River duty, ferry sludge to Hunts Point for dewatering
The tug Maverick made a loop up the River for no obvious reason

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