Everyone knows it’s windy

Temperatures climbed a bit Monday, reaching 40 by midday after starting out below freezing. Winds remained elevated, with a small craft advisory in effect again for the harbor, and shifted to the southwest, putting a bit more visible chop on the River. Tugs continue to shelter in the North River with their tanker barges during their downtime. Gracie Reinauer left her spot near Grant’s Tomb and headed to the Erie Basin barge port, but Kirby’s Cape Lookout and Vane’s Pocomoke arrived.

Dean Reinauer came through Monday morning after discharging cargo in Newburgh and anchored in the Upper Bay
Gracie opened Monday anchored off Grant’s Tomb before heading for Erie Basin.
Kirby’s Cape Lookout swung on her anchor at afternoon slack tide off 72nd Street
Normandy had business up in Yonkers, perhaps assisting with a barge at the sugar refinery
These well dressed outrig kayakers were not deterred by cold and wind
A Navy E-2D advanced Hawkeye flew up the river from Norfolk

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