Pre-holiday traffic

Conditions improved into the the Thanksgiving holiday, with temperatures climbing and winds moderating. The North River anchorages were full again on Tuesday, perhaps anticipating a lull in cargo loading and unloading for Thanksgiving.

Kirby’s Cape Lookout remained anchored off 72nd Street for a 3rd day
And was passed by Buchanan12 at slack tide Tuesday
Adeline Marie…
And Kimberly Poling were anchored further north
Adeline Marie and Kimberly Poling anchored further north on Wednesday
Source: MarineTraffic
Dean Reinauer pushed a loaded barge north to Newburgh Wednesday morning
Followed by Dace Reinauer heading for Albany. Dace is the oldest tug we see regularly in the Reinauer fleet, built in 1968 but retrofitted with modern ATB connectors.
Everly Mist brought stone down from the quarry in Catskill, NY, bringing the hoppers to the Bay Ridge anchorage
Normandy made another visit to the sugar refinery in Yonkers, and then returned
Evelyn Cutler brought a light barge back from Albany
On the East River, the Crystal Cutler was bringing a barge back from the fuel terminal on Newtown Creek. We don’t see Crystal on the North River; presumably, her smaller size makes her well-suited to creek work, with the larger Cutler-Poling tugs handling North River jobs.
CORRECTED: Down in the Upper Bay, the distinctive Chesapeake Coast (not Discovery as originally posted) was anchored Wednesday as well
In the Gowanus Canal, NYC DOT brings in gravel for road work, and DSNY ships out waste in Waste Management containers to be transferred to trains (via truck) in Elizabeth. Trash is one commodity we do not see traveling on the North River—these containers ultimately move north by rail on CSX’s River Subdivision.
Kayakers enjoyed a sunset cruise Tuesday, with full running lights
A 4:30pm sunset over the cliffs of Weehawken

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