Back to work Friday

Activity on the River was unsurprisingly subdued over Thanksgiving, but Friday seemed to bring a wave of catch up traffic. Three tug/barge combinations were anchored in the River at sunrise on Thanksgiving, but by afternoon the Kimberly Poling had pulled up her hook and headed for Raritan Bay for the overnight. Adeline Marie made an early Friday departure for the Upper Bay, but then came back and reanchored, still with her light barge. Cape Lookout was back at work though, leaving Friday morning and heading for the Phillips Bayway terminal on the Arthur Kill. Saint Emilion and Copper Mountain seemed to have exchanged a barge Friday morning off Yonkers.

Kimberly Poling heading for Raritan Bay Thanksgiving afternoon
Adeline Marie left the River Friday morning
But soon came back after turning around in the Upper Bay
Stephen Reinauer, one of the older tugs in the fleet retrofitted as an ATB, came south Thanksgiving morning with a light barge
And headed for the Erie Basin barge port where they remained through Friday morning
Harbor Charlie was on patrol Thanksgiving morning in a 35’ boat
Copper Mountain headed for Yonkers anchorage light Friday morning, passing Adeline Marie as she got underway.
Later, Saint Emilion came down from Yonkers anchorage, also light, and it seems likely Copper Mountain took over her barge up there. Saint Emilion was heading up Long Island Sound by Friday evening.
Buchanan 12 emerged from the mist by the Bridge Friday morning
With a smaller float of barges than usual after the holiday
Genesis Vigilant had an Albany bound cargo Friday morning
Pinuccia was coming back from Albany with a light barge shortly after
Reinauer Twins was heading for Albany with their 413’ barge loaded
Reinauer’s Kristy Ann was anchored south of the Bridge after returning from a delivery in Bridgeport, sitting a bit north of Adeline Marie as the final glow from the setting sun reflected off the hills of Yonkers
The DSNY and their DonJon contractors were back at work Friday, shipping paper waste to Staten Island for recycling.
A herring gull sat on the wreckage of old New York Central railroad piers on Thursday.
The sun disappeared behind Weehawken at 4:22pm EST Friday

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