Gales of November come…late

The final day of November brought gale warnings to New York Harbor, with wind gusts from the southwest up to 35 knots and steady rain. A crowd of tug/barge combinations crowded into the the calmer waters of the North River but a fair number also rode out the storm on the Upper Bay, including the Adeline Marie, which moved down there just in time for the bad weather. Winds are supposed to remain elevated through Thursday.

A crowd in the North River Wednesday evening. Source: MarineTraffic
Kirby’s Cape Canaveral and Patrice McAlister, with barge on hip as usual, at anchor on the North River Wednesday morning
Another Kirby ATB, Cape Henry, was further south
Genesis Vigilant anchored later Thursday off 72nd Street with her 350’ barge
Vane’s Choptank came up from Philadelphia with a loaded looking barge and killed time making loops between Inwood and Yonkers.
Down on the Upper Bay, things were getting choppy by midday Wednesday, though the Staten Island ferry didn’t mind. ATBs could be faintly seen at anchor in the fog on the horizon
Tuesday saw a visit from the New York State Naval Militia (marine equivalent of the National Guard) 44’ boat normally based further north.
Two military boats passed either side of a southbound Edgewater ferry Tuesday.

2 responses to “Gales of November come…late”

  1. Great photos! Especially the Staten Island ferry shot. Looks like the photographer was on a paddle board!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks Lynn. Photographer was safely on dry land by the Battery. Got soaked enough that way.


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