Winter is here…sort of

The first day of astronomical winter is December 21, but the first day of meteorological winter is December 1 and it is beginning to feel a lot like winter this week. The skies cleared Thursday, but temperatures dropped. Winds remained elevated for the morning after Wednesday’s gale, with a small craft advisory in effect, before things settled down in the afternoon. The North River anchorages remained full, which may have more to do with a lull in cargo activity than the weather. A pair of bald eagles cruised down the banks of the River early in the day at low altitude.

A pair of Kirby ATBs, along with Patrice McAlister, Kimberly Poling, Vane’s Charleston, and Franklin Reinauer were all at anchor south of the bridge at sunrise Thursday, and were soon joined by a third Kirby combination. By the end of the day, the three Kirby boats remained, while the others were on their way, but replaced by Kristy Ann and Dean Reinauer. Dann Marine’s East Coast made a sunrise departure from Yonkers with a sugar barge heading back to Florida. Carnival’s Joy made its last departure of the season from Pier 88, heading for Florida and then on to the West Coast for winter.

Dann’s East Coast departed from Yonkers at sunrise with a light sugar barge on the wire, heading back to Florida
Kimberly Poling and Charleston at anchor Thursday morning, with Franklin Reinauer in the distant haze and a southbound Edgewater ferry passing
Patrice McAlister and Kirby’s Cape Canaveral were further south
And Cape Henry below them
Cape Lookout arrived later in the morning…
And dropped anchor off the front of her light 365 foot barge
The smaller tug Navigator pushed a loaded tank barge towards Albany from Bayway
DonJon was servicing the DSNY paper recycling facility at Pier 99
The Army Corp’s Hayward passed Weehawken on patrol for hazards to navigation in the aftermath of Wednesday’s storm
Vane’s Kings Point refueled Norwegian Joy as passengers disembarked after her last return voyage of the season from Bermuda. By the end of the day, Joy was heading for Florida and then on to the West Coast for winter.
A pair of bald eagles made a patrol down the New York bank of the River, surely a good portent for the month.

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