Deeper in

One day deeper into meteorological winter on Friday saw temperatures climb into the 40s, clear skies and light winds. Overall, not bad, but more rain is coming Saturday. The anchorages cleared out, with Dean Reinauer making a dawn departure, and the two Kirby tugs leaving later in the day. By Friday evening, only Saint Emilion remained all the way up in Yonkers.

Dean Reinauer made an early departure, heading for a Cateret terminal with their 413’ barge.
…and passing a north bound Everly Mist on one whistle on the way out
Haugland’s Everly Mist was pushing light hoppers back to the company’s Tomkins Cove port at sunrise, then returned in the afternoon
Kirby’s Cape Henry was anchored off 86th Street at sunrise, before departing for Bayonne’s IMTT later in the morning
Cape Lookout showed her stern to New York at slack tide off 72nd Street, before pushing her 400’ barge down to the Upper Bay anchorages off Bay Ridge after sundown on Friday
At midday, Hackensack University Medical Center’s chopper landed at the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen and left a short time later to the main UMC hospital in Hackensack, likely with a critical patient on board.

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