A soaker

Temperatures climbed Saturday but a soaking rain for most of the day and 15 knot southwest wind did not make for great vibes. Commercial traffic remained fairly typical, with a Royal Wagenborg wood pulp freighter heading for Albany the most notable ship of the day. A Coast Guard 29’ boat came up the River from the Staten Island base and did a drill with a life ring, which they threw overboard and retrieved in the chop as the ebb tide ran against the southerly wind.

Reggeborg was heading north to Albany in the rain after stopping in Maine, very likely carrying wood pulp for upstate paper mills.
Dean Reinauer, which passed us heading south with its unloaded barge Friday, was heading for Newburgh Saturday morning after loading a cargo in Cateret overnight.
CMT’s Daisy May was pushing a cargo of what looked like dirt and stone towards the company port in Coeymans
Later an NYPD 35’ boat was on the River
As was the big Harbor Charlie scuba boat
The DEP’s Hunts Point took water over the bow as it ran loaded into the southerly wind with a push from the ebb tide, ferrying a load of treated sewage sludge from the North River plant to the Hunts Point plant for dewatering.
Saint Emilion left its Yonkers anchorage and reanchored off 96th Street.
Seastreak’s Courageous took a break from its Sandy Hook to East River ferry route to take a loop up the North River, for no obvious reason
The motor yacht Gratitude based in Jacksonville came up the River, unusual this time of year when most marinas are closed and most yachts are on the hard or have gone south.
Not much of a sunset Saturday with low hanging clouds

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