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The first full work week of December kicked off with clear skies, light winds and seasonable temperatures. The week brought two visitors to the passenger ship terminal area, with the Woods Hole-based 110’ Coast Guard cutter Tybee tieing up at the end of Pier 86 Monday morning for a one-day port call, and a brand new MSC cruise ship, the Seascape, docking at Pier 88. The Seascape was recently launched in Italy, loaded passengers in Barcelona and arrived at Pier 88 just before 6am. According to Cruise Industry News, there will be a naming ceremony on Wednesday in New York before Seascape heads for its new home port of Miami.

An NYPD 25’ boat is stationed at Pier 86 as usual, docked ahead of the museum’s Growler submarine.
The Normandy was running light coming back from Yonkers Monday morning after one of their periodic trips up there. The tug seems to be frequently assisting with barge docking at the sugar refinery up there.
Poling-Cutler tugs were moving product on the River, with Kimberly Poling heading north with a cargo from Bayonne just before sundown, following on the heals of Evelyn Cutler pushing north from Cateret.

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