Looking for a ship

A blanket of thick fog sat over the river for almost the whole of Wednesday, with visibility ranging from poor to worse than poor. At sunrise it was practically pea soup, such that a bulk freighter coming down from Coeymans was nearly completely invisible at less than 500 yards off the end of pier i even as periodic blasts on its horn announced its position. By the end of the day, the fog was lifting and traffic was moving through fully visible.

The 600’ bulker Bulk King was barely visible at less than 500 yards Wednesday morning. She was heading to sea from Coeymans after arriving last week from the Bahamas, perhaps carrying sand.
Reinauer’s Josephine arrived in the morning and dropped anchor off 96th Street.
The fog did not deter the yacht Savage with its unusual rigging. Savage came up from Mamaroneck upriver. Last week we saw her heading from Haverstraw to Port Jefferson.
Fog was also not an obstacle for a Coast Guard 29’ boat, patrolling north of Pier 99.
Vane’s Cape Fear headed north with a loaded barge
The fog was lifting by the time Evelyn Cutler came through with a cargo, passing a Weehawken-bound NY Waterway ferry
MHT’s Nathan G came down at sunset, passing the anchored Josephine with barges loaded at the Colarusso quarry in Haverstraw
MSC’s Seascape remained at Pier 88 ahead of its naming ceremony Wednesday evening
The towers of Riverside Drive loom out of the fog

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