Burning oil

The weekend arrived with clear skies, cold temperatures and occasionally brisk wins out of the north. Tanker barge crews remain busy, moving product north, including heating oil. With few product pipelines and no refineries north of North Jersey, heating oil heading for upstate and Vermont mainly moves by barge up the Hudson, and via Long Island Sound for cargos heading for the rest of New England. Newburgh seems to be on the receiving end of a lot of product over the past two weeks for whatever reason. Salt also moves up the river in the winter on big bulk carriers arriving from Chile and Mexico, and one came through in the final minutes of daylight Saturday.

Haggerty Girls was heading for Newburgh with a loaded barge Friday, perhaps carrying heating oil.
And then returned lighter on Saturday
Patrice McAlister anchors with her light barge sometimes in the River but is not often seen moving cargo on the River. However, on Friday Patrice was heading north to Newburgh with a load.
Janice Ann Reinauer was pushing for Albany on Saturday
As was Kimberly Poling.
Centerline’s Adeline Marie is a regular on the River now
…but usually just parks here rather than making runs up north
CMT’s Mister Jim had a load of large rocks heading north, a somewhat atypical direction of travel for stone.
The Corp’s Hayward was heading south Saturday morning as the northerly wind ran against the flood tide, kicking up white caps.
The bulker Petra was heading for Albany at sundown Saturday, arriving from Veracruz, Mexico after making some intermediate stops at US ports down south. Winter road salt was a possible cargo. Photo credit: M. Katzive

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