Weather coming

Tuesday and Wednesday have been clear and cold in New York, with morning temperatures below freezing, but weather is coming, with warmer temperatures and rain arriving Thursday. Observed traffic has been lighter after the Monday rush, with some hopper traffic of note. Adeline Marie, who anchors frequently in the River but rarely seems to move cargo north, left her spot off 79th Street Tuesday night, loaded new cargo at the Buckeye Port Reading terminal, and was heading for New Haven by Wednesday evening.

Away from the North River, the big maritime news in the harbor was the large fire in an NYPD warehouse on the pier protecting the Erie Basin in Red Hook. The FDNY has two large fireboats who do not seem to get much action—the typical boat fires we see have been handled by the department’s medium size and small boats, with their greater speed and smaller draft. Pier fires used to be much more common in New York and the FDNY used to have an additional large fireboat based at the Battery, but Tuesday’s fire on a pier needing large volumes of water and approachable by a 9’ draft boat seems to have been exactly what these big boats are built for. Both the Three Forty Three boat based in Chelsea and the Fire Fighter II boat based in Stapleton were on the scene Tuesday. By Wednesday, there were no longer any Marine units showing up there on AIS. The barge port in the basin does not appear to have been impacted.

FDNY 343 and Fire Fighter II attacked the warehouse fire on Tuesday, along with Bravest, a shallow draft medium sized boat based in the Navy Yard. Source: Marine Traffic
Left photo shows the Fire Fighter II boat in action. Source: Twitter ‘@FDNY
DonJon’s Sarah Ann pushed a pair of hoppers north Wednesday morning, perhaps to pick up a load of scrap
Everly Mist was pushing hoppers up towards the quarry dock in Catskill, NY
NYPD’s large boat 621 was not observed at the fire Tuesday, but she did stop by the smoldering warehouse Wednesday, then looped up the Hudson before returning to the NYPD base at the Sunset Park Army Terminal
Saint Emilion, another tug which seems to anchor in the River now more than navigate north on it, left its Yonkers anchorage and travelled to Kinder Morgan terminal in Linden
Evelyn Cutler paused off the 145th Street North River plant on the way down from Albany, seen here at a distance of about four miles
And then proceeded to kill the rest of the day on the Upper Bay
The Army Corps’ Gelberman made a look up the River

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  1. […] Fire was a notable theme as well on the River and in the Harbor: after the FDNY’s marine units saw action on December 14 fighting a warehouse fire in Erie Basin, the Staten Island ferry Sandy Ground suffered an engine room fire on December 22 on […]


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