Winter sports

The rain cleared Saturday and temperatures climbed into the 40s with winds around 15 knots. HRCS had its J24s on the water, and a group of kayakers was also seen in the midday sun. Patrice McCalister anchored off 96th Street in the rain on Friday, and remained Saturday morning with her barge on the hip, her usual configuration when the barge is unloaded. Saint Emilion returned from Albany Friday night and appeared to have handed off its barge to Copper Mountain, which came up from Caddell’s dry dock and anchored with the barge about half a mile north of Patrice, remaining there Saturday. Tanker barge traffic Saturday was heavy, but was mainly empties moving south, while some stone hoppers were also seen heading south.

Patrice McCalister with RCM262 on the hip at anchor showing off its notch
Copper Mountain and barge at anchor a bit further north
Brinn Courtney brought a load of stone down from Tomkins Cove
Everly Mist brought what looked like dirt down from up north
Jordan Rose left anchorage off Yonkers and headed out of town, passing south along the Jersey Shore by evening
Evelyn Cutler came down from Albany and headed to Bayonne IMTT for new cargo
Curtis Reinauer, seen less frequently on the North River, came down from Albany and headed for the Upper Bay to anchor
DonJon’s Brian Nicholas serviced the DSNY pier and headed for Staten Island
A 29’ Coast Guard boat was on patrol, following a Dolphin chopper overhead
A Marine Viper attack helicopter looped up the River
Escorted by a larger helicopter, maybe a Huey, as we have seen in the past
A big Navy Sikorsky chopper also passed south on the River
Warmly dressed sailors were out on a J24
And kayakers put in an appearance with a stand-up paddle border

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