Beginning to feel a lot like…

The week before Christmas and the arrival of astronomically defined winter saw clear and cold conditions giving way to heavy rain at the end of the week. Tanker barges remained active, and by the end of the week some less familiar vessels arrived.

Tuesday saw a Coast Guard 29’ boat heading for the bridge…
Followed by North Hudson Fire Rescue’s marine unit with a team on the back deck, perhaps doing drills up by the Bridge
One of the Coast Guard’s Bayonne-based 65’ harbor tugs was also operating up by the Bridge, and headed for base later
An NYPD large boat was heading for the Bridge on Thursday
Vane’s Charleston brought an empty barge south on Tuesday morning
Pinuccia had a loaded barge heading north Tuesday
And returned lighter on Wednesday
The venerable 1968 vintage Dace Reinauer, upgraded with ATB hardware, anchored overnight off 79th Street after returning from Albany before heading for the harbor
DonJon Marine kept the paper moving out of the DSNY’s Pier 99 facility on Wednesday
HOS Browning, the offshore vessel that has been doing wind farm related survey work in the New York Bight, was back on the River for the first time since July, anchored off 72nd Street. Browning spent 4th of July weekend on the River and perhaps has similar plans for Christmas, or else just looking to get out of the rain for the next few days.
Adeline Marie arrived with a light barge and anchored off Harlem after returning from Providence.
Don Jon had hat looked like some type of tanker barge by the cruise port on Thursday, an unusual location and towing company for this type of barge.
Dann’s Calusa Coast, not seen before on this blog and normally Chesapeake Bay-based, arrived Thursday with a light tanker barge and headed for Yonkers anchorage.
MHT’s Sara D headed north with a hopper barge Thursday

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  1. […] Yonkers anchorage to a pier in Red Hook. Calusa may have been up in Yonkers with this barge since she passed heading up there before Christmas. Dann’s East Coast had the sugar barge Jonathan on the wire, heading back to Florida on the ebb […]


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