Hazards to navigation

Damp and fog continues to linger over New York City as temperatures remain unseasonably warm. Storms up north appear to have produced a lot of debris in the River, the larger pieces of which the Army Corps of Engineers has been busy cleaning up. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard’s ice breakers are less busy, though the Sturgeon Bay did leave its dock in Bayonne and headed for Albany Thursday. Commercial traffic was light on Thursday.

The Corp of Engineers boat Hayward fished a large tree limb or tree trunk out of the River as Dann Marine’s Treasure Coast pushed an empty cement barge north, heading for the Lafarge plant in Ravenna NY.
The Hayward had to make several trips to collect all the hazards, with a pile of lumber visible on the deck in this photo.
Another Corps boat, the Moritz, also made a loop up the River.
The diminutive Kenny G and another Sound Marine work boat brought a deck barge with what looked like parts for marina pilings (note Marine Guard stenciled on the black cylinders). They were coming from the Sound Marine base at the North River boat yard in Nyack and heading for Red Hook.
The Rockaway DEP tanker, one of the newest generation vessels in the fleet, was working the North River plant Thursday, ferrying sludge to Wards Island for dewatering.
An NYPD 35’ boat was patrolling the River

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