Mean reversion weekend

The run of unseasonably warm temperatures finally came to an end over the weekend, with the mercury dropping into the 30’s and 40’s. Winds were light though and skies increasingly clear by Sunday. Commercial traffic has been light, with tanker cargos seemingly absent during daylight hours—perhaps the warm temperatures have reduced demand for heating oil up north. Cement barges have been active, perhaps also a symptom of the warmer winter.

Buchanan12 pushed empties north on Friday at sundown. B12 has not been observed on this blog since mid-December, perhaps the quarry had a holiday shutdown or else the rock was moving in the dark and fog and eluding photos
What goes up must come down. On Saturday, Buchanan12 was heading south again with crushed stone quarried at Clinton Point
Stasinos’s Brinn Courtney travelled light heading north on Friday
DonJon Marine was working the DSNY Pier 99 facility on Friday, hauling paper to the Pratt Industries mill on the Arthur Kill in Staten Island
Genesis Vigilant anchored off 72n Street on Saturday with a rusty tanker barge about three times the length of the tug.
B. Franklin Reinauer had the only oil products cargo observed this weekend heading north for Albany on Sunday, shown here as the DEP’s Port Richmond sludge tanker overtakes on one whistle.
The Port Richmond is one of the new 2014 generation of tankers, designed for harbor work.
CMT’s Daisy Mae had gravel and a deck barge with an excavator coming down from Coeymans and heading for Bayonne and then Newtown Creek
Dann Marine’s Coral Coast pushed an empty cement barge from the College Point Queens terminal back towards the Ravenna Lafarge plant on Saturday
Dann’s Sapphire Coast was moving the other direction Sunday morning, pushing a loaded cement barge past the Norwegian Getaway, on the way around the Battery, through Hell Gate an onwards towards New England via the Sound
Norwegian Getaway got refueled Sunday with help from Vane’s Cape Fear and a bunkering barge. Getaway later sailed for the Caribbean, probably the first departure from the Manhattan terminal this year.
One of the Coast Guard’s Staten Island-based 29’ boats patrolled on Saturday
And so did a NYPD 35 footer
New Jersey State Police keeps on a boat on the River as well. Local police departments on the Jersey side do not, though Union County Police have a boat based on the Arthur Kill.
Kayakers and paddle boarders were out Sunday morning despite sub 40 temperatures
A view from Riverbank State Park atop the North River pollution control (i.e. sewage) plant late afternoon Sunday shows a flat river as light winds move in the same direction as the ebb tide
If you zoom, you can see three tanker barges and a sugar barge anchored off Yonkers and, of course, the Little Red Lighthouse.

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