Tanker traffic

The first full work week of the new year opened with clearing skies and temperatures climbing into the 40s. Tanker traffic appeared to be picking up after the weekend lull, and some of the Coast Guard’s icebreaking assets were on the move.

Kimberly Poling pushed a cargo north towards Albany
Vane’s Fort McHenry was on a similar mission once again, five days after we saw them heading north last week.
The 1968 vintage Dace Reinauer, probably the oldest tug in the Reinauer fleet, brought a light barge back from Albany at sunset
Shannon Dann, a boat not seen often on the River, had a light Poling-Cutler barge on the hip coming back from upriver, definitely not a typical combination. We last saw the barge Noelle Cutler being pushed by Evelyn Cutler, but Evelyn is off AIS and perhaps laid up somewhere.
Dean Reinauer spent Monday anchored south of the Bridge, seen here in the morning fog.
Statue of Liberty ferry boats are not typically seen on the North River, but this one was heading for the North River Shipyard in Nyack, presumably for repairs or work.
Sound Marine, which is based in that same shipyard, had a small workboat heading downriver in the morning
The Line, one of two Coast Guard 65’ small harbor tugs based in Bayonne, was heading north where her icebreaking capabilities may be needed. She was signaling Burlington, VT on AIS but we’ll see if they actually get that far.
One of the two larger icebreaking tugs based in Bayonne, the Sturgeon Bay, was also on the move, returning to her homeport after spending some time in Poughkeepsie. The other Bay Class icebreaker, Penobscot Bay, was also at the Bayonne dock. Sturgeon Bay trails a cloud of smoke from her stack as usual for these heavy tugs built in the 1980s.
By accident of history, the Coast Guard is tasked with keeping ice off the navigable rivers, but the Army Corps of Engineers keeps other obstructions, including driftwood, off the water. The Hayward has been busy in recent days with lots of debris in the River after storms up north and they made a patrol up to Spuyten Duyvil Monday.
Schubert Meyer Jr. made a loop up the River. Once part of the NY Water Taxi fleet, the boat bears no markings now (though still yellow) and may have been sold or is part way through a re-painting job.
Buchanan12 seems to be very much back to its daily routine after its holiday hiatus, making daily runs to and from the Clinton Point quarry.

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