On official business

Tuesday brought clear skies, light winds, and chilly ttemperatures, with the mercury barely breaking 40. Traffic on and above the River was dominated by government boats and aircraft, though not for any particular obvious or coordinated reason. The Coast Guard had some Cape Cod based aircraft in the area, and also had its big icebreaking tugs out, as a few traces of ice appeared floating down with the ebb tide from up north for the first time this season. The smaller harbor tug Line was on the way back to New York after traveling as far north as Saugerties overnight. Tanker barges were busy, with the Vane Brothers seeming to have picked up some market share in the new year based on proportion of observed daytime traffic.

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk flew up the East River and then up the Hudson, making a big loop from its base on Cape Cod. These offshore search and rescue versions of the Army Blackhawk are bigger than the orange Atlantic City-based MH-65 Dolphin choppers that we see more often over New York
The Jayhawk’s route down from Cape Cod and back
Source: Flightaware
A Coast Guard HC-144 plane also flew down the River. This plane was probably also based on Cape Cod, but it was not pinging on flight trackers so we cannot say for sure.
An Army Blackhawk helicopter also flew up the River
Icebreaker Penobscot Bay made a loop up to the Bridge but then returned to its Bayonne base.
Penobscot was followed later by the nearly identical Sturgeon Bay, which headed up to Haverstraw Bay.
A few patches of ice passed by on the ebb, suggesting the icebreakers may finally have some work to do up north.
The Army Corp’s Gelberman visited the 125th Street Pier and then returned to its base at Craven Point in Jersey City
The Corp’s Hocking travelled up to Edgewater, then returned to Craven Point as well.
The NYC DEP’s water quality monitoring vessel, the HSV Osprey was also making the rounds.
Reinauer’s Franklin pushed a cargo north. Not to be confused with the B. Franklin, the Franklin is the smallest of the Reinauer fleet at just 81 feet and is paired with a 300’ barge.
A larger (and newer) Reinauer ATB Kristy Ann with the 347’ RTC80 was heading for Albany with a cargo from Bayway terminal, keeping pace with the DEP’s Rockaway en route to the North River Plant
Vane’s Elk River also had a cargo heading north
Vane’s Fort McHenry, seen Monday heading north, was returning Tuesday after a delivery at the Buckeye terminal north of Newburgh
Kristin Poling returned from Maine with a light barge overnight and anchored north of the Bridge, before leaving Tuesday morning and heading for the Arthur Kill
Buchanan12 was on its daily quarry run
A double-crested cormorant was looking for breakfast Tuesday

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