Familiar faces

Clear and cold remained the watch words on Wednesday, with temperatures holding in the 30s. River traffic was steady but largely familiar vessels, many already seen at least once this year.

The Army Corp’s Hayward has been making daily patrols for debris
The DEP’s Rockaway was servicing the North River plant
Mister Jim was back on the water with hoppers on Wednesday. Based on photos shared by Catskill Fire Department on Facebook, Mr. Jim appears to have been the boat involved in the New Year’s Day engine room fire up north. Jim was off AIS for the past week but is now apparently back in service so clearly not badly damaged.
Dean Reinauer had another cargo bound for Newburgh
Coast Guard icebreaker Penobscot Bay was on the move again, heading up to the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge area over the course of the day. Sturgeon Bay was also up near Poughkeepsie.
The smaller Coast Guard tug, Line, returned to base after traveling as far north as Saugerties, with the “Burlington” destination on AIS apparently an error or an attempt at humor—the Champlain Canal is closed for the season so that destination was not realistic. We saw a similar AIS misdirection once last winter.
Vane’s Elk River returned from up North as well after passing us on the way up Tuesday. Elk went off GPS somewhere south of Kingston so we do not know exactly where they discharged.
Fort McHenry, which we had seen making delivery runs up to Buckeye Newburgh twice in the past week, was back on bunkering duty, refueling Norwegian Gem
Gem departed before sundown on a 5-day Bermuda roundtrip
Kristin Poling, which returned from a run up to Maine earlier this week, was heading for Rensselaer with a new cargo.
Meaghan Marie, a Stasinos tug which we have not seen before on the River, came up from Delaware, stopped in Newark (perhaps to pick up this hopper) and then headed upriver
Dann’s Captain Willie Landers, which we saw pushing a deck barge north to Albany last week, was running light heading back upriver Wednesday.
This New Jersey State Police helicopter touched down very briefly at the Palisades Medical Center on the River in North Bergen. A check of their route saw they previously stopped at the main Hackensack University Medical Center previously and then went on to stop at the university hospital in New Brunswick. Overall, this seems more likely to have been a training exercise of some kind.

2 responses to “Familiar faces”

  1. I spotted Capt. Willie Landers twice on Wednesday, sans barge, as in your photo. First upriver, then down. A tug cruising along without a payload is a rare sight, in my experience. Lost the load? Working remotely? Or just playing hooky? Must be costly!


  2. Hi! We do see “light” tugs from time to time heading up the River, I think usually on the way to pick up a barge or to assist a larger vessel or barge with docking or leaving a dock somewhere. In this case, I see the Captain went up to the sugar refinery in Yonkers and my guess is they helped a sugar barge dock there. Trackers show they have now left town, heading down the Jersey Shore and destined for Norfolk. Thanks for commenting!

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