Typical traffic

Temperatures warmed Thursday but intermittent rain put a damper on things. Traffic was largely typical, dominated by Reinauer ATBs. Cement barge traffic remains heavier than usual, perhaps reflecting the warm weather supporting construction activity through the winter.

Timothy L. Reinauer anchored in the North River overnight on the way back from Albany, not far from Josephine, who was returning from the Riverhead terminal on the north shore of Long Island. By late morning, Timothy was on their way to Bayway on the Arthur Kill but Josephine remained into the evening.
Dean Reinauer returned from Newburgh and headed for Raritan Bay
Dann’s Sapphire Coast brought an empty cement barge back from Providence and headed up towards the Lafarge plant in Ravenna for new cargo
Centerline’s William F. Fallon was pushing the loaded barge Long Island north towards Albany
MHT’s Nathan G came south with a pair of hoppers after making a loop up to Newburgh, heading for the Lafarge dock in Sunset Park
The Army Corp’s survey boat Moritz was busy make runs back and forth to the bridge, presumably for survey purposes

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