Finally Freezing

Updated to correct Evelyn Cutler’s destination
New York City temperature fell slightly below freezing Saturday, the first freeze of the new year, believe it or not. Winds also began to pick up, and a small craft advisory is in effect for the harbor from 6pm. There were some light snow flurries, but we remain without any significant snow events so far this winter. River traffic seemed fairly light.

The Reinauer tug Matthew Tibet’s brought a light barge back on the hip from a fuel depot in Poughkeepsie. We have not seen Matthew on the North River before; it is one of Reinauer’s small tugs and one of the few not equipped as an ATB. The depth at the Poughkeepsie terminal may require a smaller barge.
Copper Mountain brought a light barge down from Yonkers anchorage where it has been hanging out for a few days to a dock on the Staten Island North Shore. Copper Mountain and Saint Emilion’s movements have been difficult to interpret in recent weeks. Saint Emilion remianed anchored off Yonkers Saturday.
Evelyn Cutler came north at sunset heading for anchorage north of the bridge after visiting a terminal in Port Morris (Bronx), the first time we have seen her this year.
Manhattan II of the Classic Harbor Line overtook Buchanan12 on its daily run pushing hoppers with crushed dolomite rock from Tilcon’s Clinton Point quarry.
By the end of the day, B12 was on the way back with empties
DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River plant, collecting treated sludge for dewatering at the DEP’s Hunts Point plant.
Friday afternoon saw USCGC Sturgeon Bay return from a patrol up north and head for base in Bayonne where she remained through Saturday. Her colleagues on Penobscot Bay are docked up in Kingston.

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