Winter weeks

We continue to count off the weeks of winter, with sunset after 5pm finally arriving. Weather has remained unseasonably warm, though Thursday brought more rain limiting scope for recreation on the water. River traffic has been fairly typical, with a few exceptions noted below. Thursday also brought Cunard’s Queen Victoria to Pier 90, a rare visit as Cunard usually uses the Brooklyn cruise terminal these days. Victoria is on the first leg of an around the world cruise, having departed Southampton last week. Tanker traffic was Reinauer-heavy.

Dace Reinauer, with its retro 60s lines, remained anchored in the River Monday
Dean Reinauer headed for Newburgh with a cargo on Monday
And was heading the other way with the barge lighter on Thursday
Gracie M. Reinauer spent some time anchored off 72nd Street Tuesday
Curtis Reinauer, not often seen on the River, spent some time anchored with a light barge Wednesday
And was passed by CMT’s Daisy Mae pushing hoppers loaded with stone
Reinauer’s Josephine returned from Providence Thursday with a light barge, killed a few hours on the River and then headed for Philly. In the photo, Haugland Group’s Everly Mist overtakes her heading for the quarry dock in Catskill NY with hoppers
Kristy Ann anchored with a loaded-looking barge on Thursday, unusual because loaded barges are usually hastening to their destinations.
Outside the Reinauer family, Balco’s Navigator brought a light barge south Tuesday
Evelyn Cutler had the Noelle Cutler barge also heading south Tuesday
Copper Mountain had a loaded looking barge on the wire Thursday coming down from Yonkers, heading for sea after starting the day at the Newark Buckeye Terminal. Towing tanker barges on the River is not common, and the routing is also unusual, but Copper Mountain and her fleet-mate Saint Emilion’s moves have been anything but typical in recent months.
Mister Jim came down from Coeymans with a high sided hopper Wednesday
Buchanan12 was pushing north with empty hoppers, returning to the quarry for more crushed rock
Icebreaking tug Penobscot Bay returned from a deployment up to Poughkeepsie.
Corps of Engineers tug Gelberman has been seen on the River several times this week.
DonJon Marine’s Sarah Ann worked the Pier 99 DSNY paper facility
Vane’s Cape Fear bunkered Cunard’s Queen Victoria at Pier 90 Thursday

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