Weekend anchor

Thursday’s rains abated and temperatures climbed into the 40s by Saturday, warm enough for kayakers and for HRCS’s winter sailing crew. A number of tugs with empty tanker barges accumulated in the River by Friday evening. Reinauer’s Kristy Ann also remained with her apparently loaded barge from Thursday into Saturday morning, and then departed to anchor in the Upper Bay. Loaded barges usually do not idle at anchor, and its unclear what logistical reason might be keeping this one from delivery for so long.

Kristy Ann at anchor with her seemingly loaded barge Friday before heading for the Upper Bay Saturday
Saturday morning saw Timothy Reinauer and Kristin Poling at anchor, with Mister Jim underway and heading south visible between them
Mister Jim had hoppers, at last some of which were loaded with stone, coming south.
Kristin Poling had arrived Friday and anchored off the North River DEP Plant after returning from a cargo delivery in Boston
Timothy Reinauer left his anchorages Saturday midday and headed for Bayonne IMTT and then the Reinauer dock on the Kill van Kull, seen here passing kayakers from perspective of a J24 sailboat passing astern
The kayakers and SUPers were warmly dressed
Dace Reinauer, born in 1968, came the other direction and anchored with a light barge off 72nd Street.
Saint Emilion, who has been anchored up in Yonkers, shifted down to drop anchor off 96th Street with a barge, continuing its pattern of unusual movement. Her colleagues on Copper Mountain have left town with their barge in tow, heading south down the coast.
The small 85 foot Coast Guard Cutter Beluga tied up at the Coast Guard’s permanent mooring just south of the Bridge on Friday before returning to her Sandy Hook base on Saturday
The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy training ship Liberator made a loop up the River Saturday before heading back to the academy at Kings Point on Long Island.
DonJon’s Sarah Ann was servicing the DSNY recycling pier
The small tug Eastern Dawn brought a deck barge to the DSNY pier Friday
It remained there Saturday as work continues on the structure
Corps of Engineers crews captured a piece of driftwood with boat hooks on Friday
And used the Hayward’s crane to remove it from the River
A Marine viper attack helicopter made several loops up the River and back
This camera-equipped helicopter belonging to Hover-Views Unlimited, was also making loops out of Teterboro, presumably filming
Norwegian Getaway joined the Queen Victoria at the passenger ship terminal Friday and was bunkered with help from Vane Brothers tugs
By Friday evening, Getaway was heading out on a 12 day Caribbean round trip. Victoria left after sunset, heading for Saint Maarten as she continues her round-the-world cruise

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