The West Wind

Skies cleared Thursday but gale warnings remained in effect in the Harbor as winds out of the west gusted to over 40 MPH. Some tug/barge combinations rode out the chop on the Upper Bay, but the North River anchorages filled up with ATBs returning from New England ports, with four boats anchored off Manhattan, another north of the bridge and several off Yonkers.

Josephine was anchored off 72nd Street overnight after returning from New Haven, but then left mid-morning for the Reinauer dock on the Kill van Kull
Genesis Glory was also anchored south of the bridge overnight after arriving Wednesday afternoon
The Haggerty Girls arrived from Boston Thursday morning and anchored off 110th Street
Timothy L. Reinauer returned from New Haven and anchored off 72nd Street, replacing Josephine. Timothy was launched in 1979, though her tower and raised wheelhouse are of more recent vintage and she was retrofitted with ATB fittings in 2009 according to
B. Franklin Reinauer anchored between the Haggerty Girls and Timothy after returning from Fall River
Mount St. Elias, a Kirby tug we have not seen on the River since October, brought a light barge back from New Haven and anchored north of the Bridge
A 575 foot bulker headed north for Albany or Coeymans from Algeria after a stop in Wilmington
…passing the anchored ATBs
Vane’s Elk River was running light, heading upriver, seen here passing Timothy Reinauer’s RTC 84 barge
Metropolitan Marine’s Pegasus was also running light, possibly heading for Yonkers to assist a sugar barge leaving the Domino pier as we have seen Pegasus and her fleet mate Normandy do in the past
Dann’s Calusa Coast spent the evening with her loaded barge in sheltered waters off Yonkers but by Thursday afternoon she was heading for sea with her barge on the wire and signaling Baltimore, perhaps marking an end to her New York Harbor residence of the past month.

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