After the wind

Skies cleared and winds moderated Friday, setting up favorable conditions for the weekend. As conditions improved, the crowd of tug/barge combinations anchored on the River dispersed and went back to work. Haggerty Girls pulled up their hook just after sundown on Thursday and B. Franklin Reinauer was on their way before sunrise on Friday. Stephen L. Reinauer remained in place off 72nd Street though, as did Mount Saint Elias anchored north of the Bridge. Evelyn Cutler left her anchorage off Yonkers Friday afternoon and new cargos were heading north.

Mount Saint Elias caught the morning sun anchored north of the Bridge in front of the Palisades
Stephen L Reinauer remained anchored off 72nd Street, visible at slack tide through the underpinnings of the West Side Highway.
Nicole Leigh Reinauer passed North Bergen with a cargo en route to Newburgh
Genesis Vigilant headed for the Upper Bay after seemingly delivering a residual fuel cargo to the Roseton power plant north of Newburgh
Reinauer Twins had a cargo for Albany as the light faded
Dann’s Discovry coast is only occasionally seen working the North River, but she came through Friday with a Vane Brothers tanker cargo for the second time in three days.
Vane’s Elk River was heading north light Thursday afternoon but seems to have picked up a barge somewhere upriver and returned Friday.
Evelyn Cutler left her anchorage off Yonkers Friday afternoon…
…and headed for the bay as the sun set
Coast Guard ice breaker Sturgeon Bay returned to its Bayonne base after spending the week stationed up north
Rockaway, a 2014 vintage DEP tanker, brought a load of sludge from the North River plant to Wards Island for dewatering.
A paddle boarder headed into the weekend with a late afternoon excursion

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