Weird winter

The weird winter of 2023 continues, with temperatures climbing into the 50s and only the brisk 15 knot southwest winds providing a reminder of the season. A tanker barge cargo of what was most likely ethanol moved south en route to Boston, and stone hoppers were heading north.

Janice Ann Reinauer came south with a cargo from Albany, signaling Boston. Most tanker cargos move north on the River but occasionally one moves south heading for New England and most likely this is ethanol brought by train from the Midwest and now on its way to New England.
Kristin Poling returned from Albany with a light barge and was anchored at slack tide opposite the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen
Dann’s Sapphire Coast had a light cement barge heading back to the Lafarge plant in Ravenna
CMT’s Mister Jim passed the Lincoln Tunnel vents with hoppers with products such as rock, aggregate and recycled asphalt
MHT’s Nathan G was also bringing hoppers north
NJ State Police seems to be patrolling the River more actively this year, with a 44’ boat based in Liberty Marina, Jersey City
A Coast Guard 45’ response boat also made a loop up the River, bigger than the 29 footers we more typically see
Up above, a trio of Marine V-22 Ospreys came down the East River and up the North River. They had the dark green livery of the HMX-1 presidential helicopter detail, though the President was at Camp David this weekend.
A red-tailed hawk looked introspective on their perch along Riverside Drive

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