Sleepy Sunday

Weirdly warm temperatures persisted Sunday, and the city looks on track to set a new record of winter days without snow tomorrow. Winds started light but were gusting above 20 knots at Robbins Reef by the end of the day. Commercial traffic seemed very light, and even recreational activity was scarce despite the warm conditions. Kristin Poling remianed anchored off 86th Street for a second day, and Mount Saint Elias remained anchored north of the Bridge for a third day.

Nicole Leigh Reinauer returned from a delivery of oil products to Newburgh, passing the anchored Kristin Poling. At 460’ long, Nicole’s RTC 135 barge is over 130’ longer than Kristin’s. The tugs are of comparable length though Nicole is more powerful.
The Normandy headed to Yonkers, very likely to assist Dann’s East Coast with docking a barge at the Domino sugar refinery after East Coast arrived overnight with a sugar cargo from Florida.
This pusher tug is about as small as a tug can get and was moving south, too small to broadcast a AIS signal
Corps of Engineer’s Hayward passed the Classic Harbor Line’s Manhattan II excursion boat
The DEP tanker Rockaway headed for the North River water treatment plant
…and then, loaded with sludge and lower in the water, headed for the Ward’s Island plant for dewatering in the centrifuges there
The feral hybrid mallard ducks remained in residence at the emptied out boat basin, consorting with their wild mallard cousins

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