Presidential visit

Winter made an attempt on Tuesday, with temperatures dropping back into the 30s and snow flurries in evidence in the morning, though not with any accumulation. River traffic seemed strangely light, with a pair of tug/barge combinations at anchor in the morning and no cargos observed on the move. President Biden was in town, visiting Penn Station for an event related to the train tunnels under the River. The West Side Highway was shut at 42nd Street, but there was little evidence of related security on the water’s surface, and only a single Coast Guard 29’ boat noted near the Downtown Heliport on the East River.

Adeline Marie, which has been working the Connecticut shoreline lately, was at anchor for a second day off 79th Street
William F Fallon was anchored further north, barely visible in the snow, but left Tuesday afternoon and headed for the Harbor
DEP tanker Port Richmond was working the North River plant, ferrying sludge to the Passaic Valley treatment plant in Newark for de-watering. Most dewatering happens at other DEP plants in New York City (usually Ward’s Island or Hunts Point for sludge originating at the North River Plant), but the DEP has a contract with the Passaic Valley Water Authority to handle a small percentage of New York City’s sludge.
Nyack-based Sound Marine had a small work boat heading for a job Tuesday morning.
The Edgewater ferry headed back up to pick up more commuters
The West Side Highway was closed southbound at 42nd Street ahead of President Biden’s arrival at Penn Station
Buchanan12 pushed its empty hoppers back towards the Clinton Point quarry at dusk

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