Snow at last

Central Park recorded 0.4” of snow overnight into Wednesday morning, ending the record-breaking snowless winter streak. The dusting had all disappeared by midday though as temperatures climbed up above freezing. Meaningful cold is supposed to arrive Friday. Meanwhile, the River remains strangely bereft of traffic, with no tanker barge cargos observed moving upriver. Janice Ann Reinauer returned from Providence with a light barge and anchored off 116th Street, where she remained through the day.

There were three Coast Guard 29’ response boats on the River during the day, spread out up to the Bridge for no obvious reason. One helped escort Norwegian Getaway on her afternoon departure, a job usually left to the NYPD. With colder weather coming, the Coast Guard’s Bayonne-based small harbor tug Line headed up to Poughkeepsie. The larger icebreaker, Sturgeon Bay, was already upriver, reaching Albany Wednesday night. Penobscot Bay and the other 65 footer, Hawser, were in reserve at the Bayonne dock.

Janice Ann Reinauer at anchor Wednesday morning after a late Tuesday return from Providence.
Evelyn Cutler anchored off Yonkers overnight on her way back from Albany but was on her way at sunrise with a dusting of snow on her barge. After killing some time in the Upper Bay she appeared to be loading a new cargo at Bayonne IMTT Wednesday evening.
A trio of Coast Guard 29’ boats came up from their Staten Island base and stayed on the River for no clear reason and with no machine guns mounted.
The Coast Guard 65’ small harbor tug Line was also heading north to Poughkeepsie, probably to be in position for icebreaking this weekend
Buchanan12 was pushing crushed dolomite south from the Clinton Point quarry
DonJon’s Mary Alice was pushing scows north, probably to pick up scrap in Albany
Another DonJon tug was moving recycled paper out of Pier 99, heading for the State Island paper mill.
This diminutive Verplanck-based tug passed us light heading south the other day, and now was heading for home with a construction barge from the Caldwell Marine yard on Staten Island…
The wheelhouse was not quite high enough to see over the Quonset huts on the deck, so the driver brought a folding chair up to the flying bridge which must have been chilly.
Norwegian Getaway arrived at Pier 88 just after sunrise, returning from a 12-day roundtrip to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas
By sunset, she was on her way again, heading out on a 5-day Bermuda run, with an NYPD launch and Coast Guard 29’ boat providing escort.
This kayaker and paddle boarder were out early again, despite freezing temperatures.
Pier i with a dusting of snow, which did not last long

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