Winter gales

Temperatures plunged below freezing just before sunrise on Friday and fell below 20 F by sundown. Gale warnings were in effect for the harbor as the NOAA weather station at Robbins Reef lighthouse in the Upper Bay clocked gusts above 50 knots. With Upper Bay anchorages unappealing, a crowd of tanker barges took up residence on the North River. By Friday morning there were 4 Reinauer ATBs south of the Bridge. Timothy Reinauer left after sundown and headed for the Caddell dock on the Kill van Kull but was replaced by Kristy Ann who dropped anchor after sundown on her way back from Albany. Centerline’s Adeline Marie spent Thursday evening in the Upper Bay but by Friday afternoon headed for calmer waters, briefly stopping at 72nd Street and then joining Choptank north of the Bridge, with the latter having been there since Thursday with a loaded looking barge.

A quartet of Reinauer articulated tug/barge combinations at anchor Friday afternoon
The Reinauer armada at anchor Friday evening
Source: MarineTraffic
Centerline’s Adeline Marie left the Harbor Friday afternoon, made an attempt at anchoring off 72nd, but then headed for more sheltered waters north of the Bridge for the evening.
The Choptank remained anchored with a loaded looking barge off Spuyten Duyvil through Friday, with the Englewood Palisades providing a backdrop
Dann’s Diamond Coast was running light heading for the Caddell dock on the KvK after spending the night in Yonkers. Diamond likely assisted East Coast leaving the Domino Sugar plant after sundown Thursday as she headed out to sea and south, and then helped Ruby Coast dock her barge there at sunrise Friday after the latter arrived from Florida with more raw sugar Thursday and anchored off Yonkers overnight.
Robbins Reef lighthouse weather station off Bayonne recorded a 54 knot gust at 17:36 local time. Source: NOAA

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