Passing pleasant

The first full work week of February arrived with unseasonably pleasant conditions as temperatures remained in the 40s with moderate wind out of the north. The day opened with Kristy Ann still anchored off 72nd Street and Janice Ann Reinauer holding off Edgewater on her way back from Newburgh. But by the end of the day, Janice Ann was heading for Carteret while Kristy Ann was chugging down the Jersey Shore en route to the Delaware River refineries where she will presumably load new cargo. The sun set with clear anchorages all the way up to Yonkers for the first time in a while, and with only Saint Emilion at anchor off Yonkers. Norwegian Getaway arrived at Pier 88 just before sunrise and was heading south again by sunset.

Kristy Ann at anchor off 72nd Street Monday morning before heading for the Delaware River at midday
Janice Ann killed most of the day off Edgewater on her way back from Newburgh
CMT’s Helen came down from upstate with hoppers loaded with stone and gravel
Buchanan12 looked naked Sunday night, coming south without their usual entourage of gravel hoppers. B12 spent the evening and Monday working New York Harbor, suggesting perhaps the Tilcon Clinton Point quarry might be off line for a bit. By the end of the day Monday, though, they were heading north again.
Norwegian Getaway returned from a 5-day Bermuda roundtrip and was refueled with help from Vane’s Cape Fear…
…as passengers headed for Pier 88 and new provisions were loaded. By sundown, Getaway was off again, heading for a 12-day roundtrip to Barbados and the Dominican Republic.
A small survey boat was taking measurements between Pier 86 and Pier 84 Monday morning

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