Mellow Midweek

Pleasant temperatures, light winds and occasional showers characterized the middle days of the first full week of February. River traffic was largely unremarkable. The William F. Fallon Jr and Gracie Reinauer anchored in the River Tuesday but by Thursday, Fallon was on their way to the Riverhead Terminal on the north shore of Long Island after a stop in Bayonne, while Gracie was on the KvK. Anchorages were empty all the way up the River, with Saint Emilion having left its spot off Yonkers to load new cargo.

William F. Fallon was anchored Tuesday.
Gracie Reinauer was anchored further south
Saint Emilion was at its usual spot off Yonkers Wednesday, but headed out for new cargo on Thursday
An Tuesday morning ferry heading back to Edgewater
Buchanan12 was back in its usual service Tuesday after a what appeared to be a day working the harbor
Dean Reinauer returned from a delivery in Newburgh Wednesday evening
Elk River headed north with a cargo
CMT’s Daisy Mae brought hoppers south from Coeymans Thursday
Kayakers and paddle boarders were enjoying the unseasonable warmth
The duck probably couldn’t care less
A Marine Super Stallion helicopter flew up from McGuire AFB in Lakeland, NJ, made a loop north of the Bridge and returned
Marine attack helicopters were also over the River Thursday and Friday

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