Anchoring heavy

The balmy February has continued into the Ides of the month, with temperatures climbing into the 60s midweek. The River has been busy, with two-way traffic and active anchorages.

The year so far has been unusual in terms of weather, but also because of an increased number of tugs anchoring with what appear to be loaded barges. Normally we see loaded barges moving on the River, but rarely at anchor, with a few exceptions usually coinciding with extreme weather. But this year we have seen a number of barges anchored which appear to be fully loaded, riding low in the water, including Reinauers RTC 83 with its tug Josephine this week. There is likely some simple operational reason or reasons for this shift in behavior, but for observers from the shore there is not anyway to know what it is.

Josephine at anchor Wednesday with what appeared to be a loaded tanker barge.
Timothy L Reinauer was anchored further north with a light barge, more typical of anchoring ATBs
The contrast was evident as Timothy headed for the Harbor Wednesday afternoon, passing Josephine and RTC 83
Moran’s Barney Turecamo was anchored on the River Wednesday as well. This is the first time we have seen Barney on the River since October.
Vane’s Pocomoke remained on the River through Monday but was on their way by Tuesday.
The Beatrice was heading north, Albany-bound with a cargo Tuesday
Quenames had a cargo heading for Newburgh Wednesday
Nicole Leigh Reinauer returned from up north with a light barge Tuesday
Kristin Poling returned from New Haven with a light barge Wednesday and proceeded to anchor north of the Bridge.
DonJon’s Paul Andrew, not a tug we have seen before on the River, was servicing the DSNY facility at Pier 99 on Tuesday
Dann’s Carolina Coast was running light, headed up to Yonkers at midday Wednesday, perhaps to assist with barges at the Domino sugar plant
Later, Diamond Coast was also heading in that direction
A number of Coast Guard 29’ response boats headed back to their Staten Island HQ after drilling up near the Bridge Wednesday
The NYPD also had a number of boats on the River Wednesday
As was the Army Corps’ Gelberman
And FDNY Marine 8
A Coast Guard Dolphin chopper made a patrol up the River from its Atlantic City base Wednesday as well.
MHT’s Nathan G was pushing hoppers north Wednesday

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